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    With Reverse-mounted Bridge, Teamgee H9 is closer to the ground and the lower center of gravity ensures a more stable and comfortable ride even at high speed.

    Ultra-thin polymer lithium batteries are used for our electric skateboards. High battery power frees you from worrying about charging issue during riding. Being small in size and light in weight, the batteries hide in the deck and make the board more portable for commuting. The built-in batteries also guarantees a pretty and neat appearance.

    Even suffering from serious wear and tear, you don't need to replace the whole motor. Just replace the tires and you can get a whole new skateboard instantly. Replaceable tires of the same size are available at our accessories store.

    Our new remote control offers four braking intensity (B1, B2, B3, B4) and four acceleration intensity ( H1, H2, H3, H4). You can choose the intensity that suits you and fully indulge yourself on Teamgee H9.


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    Extra shipping fees for the following countries:

    Bangladesh, Israel, Japan, Mongolia, Nepal, New Zealand, Norway, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Switzerland, Turkey, Philippines, Ukraine.





    Ask a Question
    • Can you tell me how much I have to pay for the customs of Germany

      You do not need 
      We will pay the taxes.

    • Will the Teamgee H9s price be lowered on black Friday? Thanks

      You can buy now
      we will give some discount code.

    • On the 1st picture, we can see the underside of the board with a wood effect blue and pink. This is a sticker ? How is the board delivered ? Thanks in advance

      It is a sticker on the board.
      You do not need to do anything.

    • I need further information the difference between the single moter and the duel moter

      the duel motor is powerful than the single one 
      and faster than the single
      if you are the adult 
      i suggest you choose the duel motor

    • I am very interested in this board. I see it can come with dual motors but only a single in (US) so if I understand it correctly I do live in the US so I can only order the single motor??

      Any models you can choose. We send it to ASAP.

    • Can I choose a black color deck in the h9?

      If you want order special skateboard. Teamgee can help you.But you need pay more money on it.

    • How much does it weights? Because the description says 13 lbs (5.8 kg), but I saw a review where it said 15.2 lbs. Which is it?

      Thank you for your question. H9 weighs 13 lbs (5.8 kg).

    • Is it possible to install all terrain wheels of another maker? Are you planning in making those all terrain wheels available for the H6 or H9 at some point? Thank you,

      Very good point. We will feedback to our technician and see if we can do this.

    • Isn't there suppose to be an indication that let's you know if the board is charging. I plugged my h9 board to charge and it's hard to tell if its charging???

      Thanks for reaching us.

      Firstly, while you plug the charger on the wall outlet, the indicator on the charger will turn to green. It means the charger could work.

      Secondly, while you connect the charger to the board, the indicator will turn to red, means charging. 

      Thirdly, once the indicator turns to green, it means fully charged.

    • What size is the bearings?

      Hi Tormun, thank you for your question. The inner diameter is 8mm and the outer diameter is 22mm.

    • Is it water resistant

      Hi Juan, thank you for your questions.  Our boards are IP54 rated waterproof which means they are protected from water spray from any direction.

    • What is the lifecycle of the battery?

      Hi David, thank you for your questions. The lifecycle of the battery is about 500 charges.

    • Is there anyway to turn off or get rid of the beeping on the board when it runs out of battery? It's pretty annoying.

      Sorry, that's a reminder for safety. You can get rid of the beeping by charging it. ^^

    • Is the battery replaceable?

      The battery is built-in to obtain the ultra-thin look of a traditional long board while maintaining the high performance. You can replace the battery by removing the grip tape, one layer of waterproof tape and cooling tape and do need to apply new tapes after the battery is installed. We are currently working on selling more accessories including the battery on our official website, please follow our social media on Instagram and Facebook to stay tuned for the latest updates from Teamgee!

    • Hi What is the highest temperature I can drive this board. I ask because I live in Kuwait and most of the months temperature exceeds 40 degrees Celsius

      very good question.

      We are located in ShenZhen, China. The highest temp or average temp goes to 34 to 35 degrees in the summer. 

      And we just went to a group ride outside earlier, the temp is around 38 degrees, the board turns out good. But not the rider!!

      So for 40 degress, maybe you can find some parking lot to avoid direct sunshine?

    • Will you be able to ship the board to India? If yes what would be the cost?

      Thanks for reaching us.

      We can ship to India, but with extra cost and longtime delivery.

      Please email us before you place the order.

    • Can it be carried on planes what is the battery size?

      Thanks for reaching us.

      The battery is inside the deck.

      There are regulations for the battery is allowed on the flight. You have to check with your airlines.

      You may find detail info here:

      And the earth is your skatepark, yes, you can travel with it worldwide, but just don't take the airlines should be fine.


    • What does Replaceable Urethanes exactly mean and is the battery replaceable?

      Thanks for asking. That's the sleeve on the hub motors.
      Not mean the battery. But battery is inside the deck, if you are good at handy work, you can buy replacement battery and change.

    • Is the front of the board wider than the back?

      The wideness of the front and back is different.

      The front is wider.

    • Hi, is this board out yet, if so how long will it take to ship and arrive. Also when will it be available on Amazon.

      Yes, we can start to ship very soon. 

      If you order now. We might have to ship around the end of July. Because we will firstly process the backers from the indiegogo.

      And we might don't have plans to list this on Amazon.

    • Is the board water resistant?

      Thanks for reaching us.


      It is IP54.

    • Hi, The battery seems to be in the deck. So bending/flexing the deck should damage or at least wear the battery cells. How long do the cells withstand such a mechanical torture?

      Yes, the battery is inside the deck.

      This construction is well designed and proved work solid.

      Unless the deck is wrong. The battery should be ok.

    • Why the motors exposed? Serve a purpose?

      Thanks for your questions.

      Below are the reasons, hope these help.

      1. We increased the space between the hub wheels without increasing wheel diameter. This modification improved the quality of the ride by up to 46%.
      2. The slight exposure of the hub motors expedites heat dissipation, extending the lifespan of the motors.
      3. The hub motor PU and the front wheels are evenly spaced for an optimal riding experience.
      4. The wider rear-wheel stance provides a modern sporty look.


    • HI WHAT COLOR ARE THE WHEELS ? on some pictures you have clear blue and other black ? please advise...

      Thanks for your question.

      We will ship the black wheels. 

      For other colors, we will simply list on site for sale as extra accessories.

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