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    • Is it possuto pair this remote with the H3


    • When I order the board do I have to order the remote separately or it is included with the board?

      no need 
      it is included with  the board

    • Is this remote compatible with the Teamgee H8 skateboard? Thanks Ben


    • Is there a way to change the units from metric to imperial?

      Sorry it is cannot 
      But we will update in the next-generation product.

    • Kickstarter version, SAIL Is this compatible with this?


    • Is this remote compatible with the H3 DIY Booster?

      no. it is not.

    • Can I switch the display from KPH to MPH?

      Thanks for reaching.

      Currently, it is pre-set before delivery, so you cannot switch the display.

    • How can I pair it with H9 that I already have?

      How to pair remote with the skateboard.   Turn of the power of remote and skateboard. Long press the power button on the skateboard. Around 10 seconds. While you see the indicator light on the skateboard is flashing. Take a pin and press the reboot button on the remote. Then they will pair.

    • How to pair a replacement remote controler? THX

      1. First turn on the power of the board   2. Long press the power button of the board for about 5-8 seconds and release the button after the power indicator of the skateboard starts to flash   3. Turn on the power of the remote control   4. Use a toothpick or a paper clip to click on the remote control’s code key; at this time, the power indicators of the board and the remote control shall flash at the same frequency   5. Restart the key to turn on the skateboard and the remote control, and then it should be paired already.

    • Hello Guys ! I need a new remote control for my H9 because it is broken . Can I also use thisone for H9 board Thanks for answering

      yes, this one can work on the teamgee h9.

    • HI is the remote compatible with H5 receiver?

      Hi Gabriel, thank you for your question. The remote is compatible with H5 as well.

    • My remote won't charge past what appears to be 50% - tried a computer port as well. Any solution here? Thank you.

      please email us at with your order number.

    • This remote doesn't come with an receiver? it's only usable with the H6 right?

      Thanks for your question.

      Yes, for now, it will only works on H6. And the receiver is in the deck. So actually we are thinking this is like an extra remote for the users.

      And if we have new boards coming out, we will specify if that's pair or not.