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    • Thinnest E-skateboard--Teamgee hides a high-performance battery inside the deck, which makes it look like a regular longboard and giving it strong durability, allowing it to bend and flex like a regular longboard, 1.2 cm (0.5inch) thickness is currently the thinnest E-skateboard.
    • ADJUSTABLE SPEED REMOTE-- With its intuitive ergonomic wireless remote control, Cruising mode, 3-speed settings(Low:0-9MPH, Middle:0-13MPH, High:0-15MPH), Battery display, allowing you to find the perfect speed and slow down right when you need to.
    • EASIER TO CARRY-- Only 11.6lbs, throw away the bulky boosted board. H8 electric board reach speeds up to 15mph, and 15 angle hill climbing. High-performance battery charging only needs 2 hours.
    • SOLID CONSTRUCTION-- The Teamgee H8 deck is built from 10 plies Canadian maple and 1 ply fiberglass, offers a medium flex for a smooth ride, and load up to <160 lbs.


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    • whats the range at full charge and the battery life for a single charge

      One time charge can use 8-10hours.